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Nutrition Equations

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-Females:100lbs(45kg)for first 5ft(152cm)plus 5lbs(2.3kg)for each additional inch(2.54cm)
-Males:106lbs(48kg)for first 5ft(152 cm)plus 6lbs(2.7kg)for each additional inch

*Harris-Benedict Equations:

*Ireton-Jones equation for obese patients:EE=606S+9W-12A+400V+1444B
*Ireton-Jones equation for ventilator patients:EE=1925-10A+5W+281S+292T+851B

*REE:resting energy expenditure in Kcal/day;needs to be corrected for stress

*EE:Energy expenditure in Kcal/day;no stress correction needed.

*IBW:Ideal body weight(Kg)

-Usual maintainance diet:20-50 Kcal/kg/day.

-Obesity(weight loss desired):15-20 Kcal/kg/day

-Renal Disease maintainance:35 Kcal/kg/day

-Mild to Moderate illness:25-35 Kcal/kg/day

-Weight gain:40-50 Kcal/kg/day

-Sepsis,multiorgan system failure,trauma:30-35 Kcal/kg/day

-Chylothorax,head trauma:35-45 Kcal/Kg/day

-Pancreatitis,inflammatory,bowel disease:35-45 Kcal/kg/day

-Minimal intake:0.54g/kg/day
COPD with malnutrition:1.5-2.0g/kg/day
-Catabolic States:1.2-1.6g/kg/day
-Hiv Infection:1.0-1.2g/kg/day
-Multiorgan System Failure stable:1.2-1.5g/kg/day
-Renal Disease:No dialysis=0.6g/kg/day,Hemodialysis=1.2g/kg/day,peritoneal dialysis=1.2-1.5g/kg/day
-Hepatic Cirrhosis:1.5g/kg/day

(1)35ml/kg body weight OR
(2)1500 ml/m2 body surface area
(3)Add 150 ml/day

American Society for Parental and Enteral Nutrition


Friday, May 1, 2009

Easy way to lose Weight

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The easiest and fastest way to lose weight differs for everyone,as do many things in life.Technically,the fastest way to lose weight is probably just to quit eating altogether,or to start running 10 miles every single day,but that ain't gonna do you another only going to end up in an ER before it does anything else.

The best,healthy and fastest way to lose weight safely is by:

*Keeping track of things,if you can get a good idea of your calorie intake,and the amount of calorie you expend each day,you can really understand what you will need to do to shed some pounds.Understanding this will put you on track for the fastest way to lose weight.Many People will do stuff like this using a spreadsheet or whatever,but thanks to the internet it's no longer something you need to fuss with,check out sites like Caloriecounter to see what i mean.

*Set some goals;The fastest way to lose weight may well be to know how much you want to lose.Supposely if you want to lose more than a couple of pounds,it's a good idea to have a clear figure in mind,and also a timeframe.Giving yourself a goal and visualising yourself meeting it by a specific deadline can do wonders for movation and concentration.If you are feeling really brave,mark a date on your calendar and tell yourself you will have lost X amount by then.There's nothing like applying pressure to make you achieve!

*Find exercises that works with you.Personally i like to run or jog,but most people prefer swimming,cycling or taking a long walk.This is all fine,just as long as you doing SOMETHING.You ain't gonna burn any calories watching Tv eating tubs of ice cream or sitting around the house.So make the effort to be active on a regular basis,in order to lose weight and burn calories.

In conclusion,always watch your calorie intake,set up goals to meet and regular exercise is required of you to boost speedy weightloss.


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