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How to improve Health with meditation and exercises.

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Meditation is a technique millions of people use to help focus and calm the mind.The techniques used are designed to help a person gain insight and to manage life's processes,which may include physiological, mental or emotional issues.
The American Heart Association recommends that heart patients spend 15-20 minutes daily on quiet reflection, deep breathing and visualization of a peaceful scene.The National Institutes of Health also recommends reducing risk factors for heart disease by trying stress management techniques such as meditation or yoga.Meditation exercises have been shown to be beneficial for people with various other conditions,such as chronic pain,irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Workaholics or for people with busy lifestyles, meditation exercises help to reduce stress and re-focus themselves in the midst of a tight schedule,concerns and worries.Meditation exercises are better done with relaxation exercises or a breathing exercises.

There are numerous basic meditation exercises that people can do to lower stress levels and improve health.A more structured form of meditation called transcendental meditation-which involves sitting and repeating a word or a phrase called a mantra -has also shown heart health benefits.People interested in learning this form of meditation are encouraged to find a class,instruction book or videotape on the subject.It's important that patients consult their physician(s) before starting a meditation program.A certified physician will be able to suggest ways in which meditation can be used in conjunction with standard treatment methods.A meditation exercise can be helpful in starting the day in a healthy, strong, enthusiastic frame of mind. The steps for this exercise are as follows-Close your eyes,take a few deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth.With each breath,imagine the body getting stronger and healthier,until it is radiating with energy.Imagine speaking in a deep,clear and powerful voice while stating the intentions for the day despite any obstacles.Then take a moment to feel the effect of those words,reflect on them and then act on it.And you had be surprised at the way you stress level reduces.

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